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This is a list of cool music websites to listen or to learn music. Watch for lots of streaming music sites and music listening websites below.

Digitally Imported - Addictive electronic music. One of the best music listening websites, it's a streaming music site that features an impressive number of electronic music genres, and each has it's channel. Many famous DJs have shows streamed in these channels.

Musician University - you can become a student in music anywhere and anytime thanks to this great site. There are an impressive amount of music lessons and you can learn how to play instruments, write songs, mix and produce music. There are lessons for every level, so you can become an expert even if you don't know anything right now!

Grooveshark - a cool music website which will play for you almost any song you desire, at a great quality! It lets you create and save playlists, favourites and even upload your music for others to enjoy. I found pieces here that could not be found on Youtube!

Beatport - Would you like to be a DJ? Beatport is a great resource for you then.

Pandora - Haven't you heard about it yet? It is one of the best music websites because it allows its users to create music stations by only submitting a song title and voila! Pandora will intelligently create a radio station so you will never get bored.



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